Our Board Grades

Onboard is capable of producing all major board grades in B, C, E and combination of Double wall B+C C+E etc using standard 90gm fluting or heavier flutes.


Deliveries to UK mainland and Ireland with sensible lead times. Quick and personal response on any issues. Baled Waste collection service. Order input by ...


All non Kraft grades are made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% Biodegradable. We will pay you for your cardboard bales and put ...


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Onboard Corrugated Limited

A truly Independent company with no shareholding in any box plants

Dedicated low cost sheet feeder with total focus on you the customer

Abundance of common sense to benefit us both and a personal touch like no others


Quality product, quality service and competitive prices

Standard and special board grades and performance packaging solutions

We are an extension of your business, our purpose is to provide you with a service second to none, quality of board, speed of response and delivery and Value